How Silage Wrapping Helps Protect the Cattle From Mould and Mildew


Advanced protection for dried baled silage. This new bale lining product from Green Mountain Products is designed for long term use in addition to its long shelf life. It provides superior protection to your bales during transportation. There is no danger of sun fading or burning when you wrap and store your hay in our product bags. The product is designed for dry screening and not for wetting or soaking. SilageWrap also has an improved UV formula for superior, long-lasting protection for up to 12 months on outdoor workshops, curing rooms or any environment where hay is being stored.


The UV protection works even better in our High-Density Silage Wrapping system. The clear wrap allows the silage wrap to show through for easy inspection. You will see quickly that the clear wraps had faded to nearly invisible when wet but remained bright and intact when dry. Due to the superior quality of our products, this is evident in the money saved on maintenance and the amount of time spent on protecting your silage wrap investment.


SilageWrap is produced from high-density fiberboard that has been recycled from cardboard boxes. The cardboard is recycled to create the fiberboard, which is superior to that from standard wood pulp. Recycling reduces the need for new trees to make more raw materials. The resulting high-density fiberboard is robust, durable and lightweight. This makes the silage wrap ideal for transportation on flatbed semi-trucks and long-distance moving by air.


The UV protection of our silage wrap provides excellent insulation to keep moisture out while reducing the growth of mould and mildew. Mould and mildew damage occurs most when there is moisture present, such as in a curing area, a humidifier, or even silo or bale. Due to the quality of our Silage Bales we can reduce or eliminate any potential mould or mildew exposure to you and your customers while maintaining the integrity of the SilageWrap itself. UV light helps to kill bacteria which in turn inhibits mould and mildew growth.


These high UV protection membranes are also beneficial to people who work outside, such as farmworkers. The UV light emitted by our Silage Bales provides increased protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. We can provide you with high-grade UV sensitive vinyl, which is sensitive to UVA and UVB rays. Due to our superior material and technology, we can supply you with silage wraps in standard one mil 30 density, which provides for greater longevity of the finished product.


Forage growers who have embraced the use of baled hay for their livestock need us by providing you with an extensive line of pre-packaged wrapping options. When choosing our baled wrapping, you will find several different configurations, including pre-baked sheets and seamless tubing. You can also choose from bales that have a liner or without liner. In addition to offering you a vast array of high-quality materials for your packaging needs, we can also help you with many custom options such as imprinting, colours and logos. Many of our customers choose to use our pre-baked solutions for all of their forage production and distribution, as well as our seamless tubing option for wrapping premium grades of hay.