Owner’s Info

Established in 1930 Woolcock Partners have been managing Launceston properties for over 60 years.

That’s Important…

Your investment property is probably one of your biggest assets… why risk giving it to an inexperienced firm.

Established systems, thorough understanding of legislative requirements, ability to forecast trends, stable and experienced staff are what Woolcock Partners can offer.

The property management consultants at Woolcock Partners property operate in teams. Our team approach ensures that your property investment is always being looked after by a team member who is familiar with both the property and its owner. This structure also allows our teams to focus on holistic approach to managing your property and most importantly your investment. We recognise that there are many key elements in effective property management and our property management consultants taking a team approach ensures that your property investment is in safe hands.

Changes in the property market and the rental market in particular are constant. We ensure that our property management consultants remain conversant and up to date with the latest market trends, rental levels and industry advances through regular training from both local and national courses we also have access to independent research and REIT statistics to ensure we keep at the forefront of the rental market.