AEG-Tool-Box – Why You Should Have One At Home

A.E.G. toolbox is widely used in the film and television industry for assembling, disassembling and repairing firearms. It is an essential component of almost every rifle. This is the reason that this equipment finds its place in every gun that is in use today. You can’t imagine the work it does every day in ensuring that your rifle is in perfect working condition.


AEG-tool-box is a simple one-piece modular storage kit. It comes with metal latches, which are easily adjustable for rifles having different sizes and varieties. The entire unit is then finished with a water-resistant polyethylene exterior, which can be wiped with a damp cloth. The original design of this box was made to mount on top of the rifle as the item is disassembled for storage purposes. This simple design makes it very user friendly yet durable and rugged at the same time.


It’s a simple design because everything is mounted straight onto the unit. Its one-piece construction makes it very easy to clean even when it becomes dirty. This is because the metal latches are lockable, and you can make the adjustments as required. It is also lockable due to its waterproof features. There are only simple one-drawer designs with lockable latches, and if you need more space, there are two-drawer designs available.


This AEG-tool-box offers heavy-duty metal latches which are lockable and provide long-lasting performance even under extreme conditions. It also comes with a nylon lining and rigid foam padding for extra protection. The overall size of this box is 4500mm L. These L. size fits perfectly in the A.E.G. model that you own. If you intend to use it beyond the warranty period, you can extend its life with a couple of replacement panels. However, there are no returns on such offers because once the warranty period is over, your gun is yours to keep anyway.


This AEG-tool-box is also perfect for the storage of your other tactical equipment and other items. Due to its large size, it offers long-lasting performance and is weatherproof. It can store more than 400mm of ammunition and has a good-quality lock. Its one-piece construction makes it easy to assemble or disassemble for storage and transport without damaging the gears or other parts. The moulded air-filled rubberized lid is durable and prevents dirt, debris or moisture from sticking to the items inside.


This AEG-tool-box is the perfect choice for your M.O.B. because it offers heavy-duty metal latches and a variety of other accessory features that further enhance its long-lasting performance and extend the lifetime of your gun. With this A.E.G. for your M.O.B., you are assured of optimum protection against potential damage. It comes with an A.E.G. accessory belt designed to secure and protect your gear and other accessories from accidental firing. And with its lockable and reusable lid, you can save your valuable A.E.G.s from thieves too.