Why Black Hat Techniques Are Not Good in SEO

What most other so-called digital marketing Adelaide SEO Experts who offer online marketing service for local businesses and especially Adelaide based businesses honestly or forget to do is that you should have your site on-page SEO optimised in line with the goggles modified algorithm. This is the number one reason why Google slapped the two together and slapped their name onto each other’s offering. The last thing you want is for your customers and prospects to find your site from the top three listings on the first page of a search result SERP. Remember, this is Google we’re talking about! It doesn’t matter what other companies might tell you; there’s not much difference when it comes to Google slap.


So, what exactly does this mean for Adelaide SEO Marketing? First of all, it means that you are way ahead of the game. Your website’s ranking within the top three listings on Google search results pages could easily translate into an increase in online business and, of course, more traffic to your websites. Your local Adelaide SEO indeed needs to take a back seat while your online marketing Adelaide SEO takes centre stage. Still, you will see dramatic results if you make your website’s ranking higher, not only Google but also all other major search engines. But how can you achieve this?


Well, I’m glad you asked because I can now reveal to you one of the secrets of successful Adelaide SEO Marketing that so many of us marketing people fail to acknowledge: Article Marketing. To my knowledge, there have been so many articles written on this subject alone (and there will be more to come), but in essence, this is what these articles are all about: telling you why you shouldn’t care so much about your web site’s ranking (it’s irrelevant). If you read these articles and get impressed with their tone, you will be lead by thought and direction to click on the links and read some of the beautiful information they contain. After that, it is up to you to take action: sign-up for whatever digital meal voucher service they are offering, submit your site details to various directories, etc.


This is how we achieve the first step toward online marketing success: getting you noticed, then converting that recognition into free (or at least inexpensive) targeted traffic. In doing this, you are showing your potential customers that (for the most part) you are concerned about quality, not just a few keywords or phrases that will appear high on Google’s list of popular keywords. What are these high ranking keywords that Google seems to love so much? Answer: organic search engine optimisation keywords.